Brighten Your Smile With Dental Bonding

If minor teeth imperfections make you uncomfortable with your smile, the process of dental bonding could be the "just what the dentist ordered" to get you grinning again. Whether your teeth have been damaged because of an accident, tooth decay or hereditary flaws, dental bonding is a quick, easy and safe way to correct aesthetic problems.

What are some dental issues bonding can fix?
o Gaps between teeth
o Teeth chips or cracks
o Teeth discolorations or stains
o Decayed teeth
o Teeth shape or length
o Cavity fillings

What is the Bonding Process?
An etching solution is applied to the tooth or teeth, creating a surface which allows several layers of specially designed composite resin to adhere to the tooth. A special high-intensity light is used to harden each layer of resin. When a sufficient amount of resin layers have been applied, the tooth is polished and sculpted to achieve smile-worthy results. Your Mahattan Beach orthodontist will use his artistry to make your tooth look exactly as if it were a natural tooth. The color of the resin used is matched to the existing teeth so the bonded area will look as natural as possible.

In areas where there is tooth decay, the damaged areas are drilled out prior to the application of the etching solution.

Advantages of Dental Bonding
o The bonded teeth look and feel natural.
o Dental bonding is generally less expensive than other types of cosmetic dental procedures.
o Depending on the number of teeth being treated and the amount of treatment required, dental bonding can usually be completed in one office visit.
o A minimal amount of tooth enamel is removed from each bonded tooth, saving as much of the tooth structure as possible.
o No anesthesia is required, unless a cavity is being filled.
o No special care is required, only good oral hygiene practices.

Dental bonding restoration can last between 5-10 years with good oral hygiene practices and common sense, such as not chewing on extra hard objects, not using teeth as bottle openers, etc. Good oral hygiene includes brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, scheduling regular dentist visits and eating healthy.

Disadvantages of Dental Bonding
There are some disadvantages of the composite resin material used in dental bonding, including:
o It does not completely resist stains.
o It is not quite as strong as other restorative procedures such as veneers or crowns and is not frequently used in back teeth restorations.
o There is the possibility of the resin chipping off the tooth.

Dental bonding can make dramatic changes to your smile and give you the confidence to let your pearly whites shine. Check out El Segundo Teeth Cleaning services at this link for more info.